Alice Waters Woos Maureen Dowd


Sundays are good to Alice Waters. Last month, she was profiled on 60 Minutes. Yesterday, she took up much of Maureen Dowds Times column. Its cool with Waters that she wasnt invited to break ground at the White House vegetable garden, she told Dowd, considering that President Obama wants to keep a kind of distance from me and from that whole celebrity chef thing. After enthusing about Waterss radiant skin and her mesmerizing, hesitating arias, Dowd asked the chef to respond to criticisms about the cost of slow food. And so my first thing I say, its going to cost more and I want to pay for my food. I go to the farmers market; it makes me feel like Im making a donation, she explained. The recession could be the perfect time for people to learn cooking basics taught by Waters on her dreamed-of TV show, The Green Kitchen in a nonthreatening way: Were really trying to take the ie out of foodie.

The Aura of Arugulance [NYT]