A Behind-the-Gates Look at the Super-Luxury Lounge’s ‘Ambassador Program’

Photo: Jed Egan

Okay, so we’ve introduced you to the Gates, the new “super-luxury lounge” in Chelsea where “ambassadors” add “members” to a permanent list. Not quite as confusing as the Eldridge’s “chaperones” and “butlers,” but this really does call for clarification. So, having gained entrance (WarGames-style) into the club’s password-protected website, we thought we’d share the venue’s introductory letter to its 125 ambassadors. Even if you’re not among the “select group of influential individuals who have been chosen by the Gates because of their shared vision and potential to contribute distinctive styles and personalities to this unique destination,” you really don’t want to miss the advice on how to BBM the doorman’s “late-night BlackBerry.” (We assume they’re also working on an iPhone app.)

Photo: Jed Egan


You have been personally invited by The Gates to become a founding Ambassador.

In order to create the atmosphere we want, instead of using promoters we have developed The Ambassador Program, which will fill the place with a great clientele base in a more organic way. Ambassador status is being offered to only a select group of influential individuals who have been chosen by The Gates because of their shared vision and potential to contribute distinctive styles and personalities to this unique destination.

We are having an opening party for the ambassadors and their friends, so one of the first things to do is to add up to five great people to your “members” list. Although the members won’t have the same ambassador benefits as you will, they will be added to a permanent guest list (+1) and invited to select private events here at The Gates. For instructions on how to use the site, please click on the link at the bottom of the page.

General Benefits of Ambassadorship:

1. Have a night of fun on us. In early May we will be having the Ambassador/Member opening party. There will be an open bar and passed hor d’oeuvres.

2. The Ambassadors will receive a gift package, including a gold key and a gift card to The Gates. The amount will be listed in your profile under “description”, and covers everything except the tips for our excellent cocktail waitresses and bartenders. Credit can also be applied towards dinner as well as the late-night.

3. Each Ambassador will get his/her own private rsvp page where he/she can rsvp his/her guests. There are three convenient ways to rsvp: 1. Create a permanent members list of five contacts that you think will be great additions to the community of THE GATES. These members will be put on the permanent guest list (+1). 2. RSVP guests daily through a private, personalized webpage. 3. Last minute RSVP guests via text message or email to house blackberry after 10pm for immediate addition to the guest list (917-273-[XXXX]).

4. Ambassadors will receive priority in being allowed to access to special events, tastings, mixologist and drink tutorials, etc, which we can alert you about through email. We will email only for special events.

5. The Ambassadors will have access to the late-night Blackberry. We will store your cell in the Blackberry and if you happen to come out late and want to stop by you can simply text or bbm us so that we know to expect you and your guests. The Blackberry number is 917-273-[XXXX]. Please do not give out this number, as only the messages from identified Ambassador numbers will be attended to.

6. The members that you add will be on the permanent guest list. Although the members won’t have the same Ambassador benefits as you will, they will have a permanent spot (+1) on the guest list, plus be invited to select private events here at The Gates if there is room. Ambassadors are always the first to be contacted.

7. Ambassadors have the opportunity to participate in the Rewards program. The rewards program has been created to give ambassadors additional perks when including their friends, family and colleagues in The Gate’s community. As a way of expressing our gratitude for your loyalty to The Gates, we will add credit to your present ambassador gift card, present you with a check for a certain amount, or make a donation in your name to the neighborhood charity of your choice. We realize that each ambassador will have a preference of gift, therefore it will be tailored to each ambassador individually. Please note that you are able to both view how many guests you have brought to The Gates as well as determine how many more you have before receiving your next gift, all by looking at the “current count” on your Ambassador home-page.