A Bar So Hidden We Dare Not Speak Its Name


The secrets out about the Cabin Down Below, but Grub Street has caught wind of an even newer unmarked drink den tucked under the wing of a fast-food joint. This one is flying so under the radar that we cant share many details just now. But allow us to set the scene.

You walk into a downtown burrito joint. On the surface, it looks like any other guac-slinging operation. But to your left is a mysterious flight of stairs. Head up them and open the unmarked door that seems to be only for employees, and youll be inside a low-ceilinged room awash in a sexy blue hue. There are U-booths in the back, la PDT or Milk & Honey. Toward the front, two-tops across from a marble bar. The official word is that the hidden spot has yet to snag a liquor license, but, ahem, we were up there last night, werent we? Stay tuned as this mystery unfolds like a rogue tortilla