$1 Slice Showdown: 2 Bros. Said to Be Facing Off Against 99 Cent Fresh Pizza


We havent gotten official confirmation, but a source tells us that 2 Bros. Pizza, home of the $1 slice, is setting foot in midtown, on the corner of Ninth Avenue and 40th Street. Cheap grub is already abundantly available in this neighborhood (starting with the free dogs at Rudys and Port 41), but if everything checks out, this will be huge because a) the Port Authority location will be open 24 hours, and b) itll be within spitting distance of that other bastion of cheap cheese, 99 Cent Fresh Pizza. Which makes this an act of out-and-out war similar to, well, Pizzanini lowering its price to $1. Well let you know if and when 2 Bros. launches its opening salvo.