A First Tantalizing Glimpse of ‘Woodson and Ford’

Photo: Serious Eats

Serious Eats’ coverage of last night’s Johnny Iuzzini and Dave Arnold event focuses on an amazing-sounding drink called the Swedish Chef (described as “a house-distilled aquavit pumped with tiny bubbles”) but fails to mention the event’s location: The as-yet-unopened speakeasy at 643 Broadway that everyone has been calling Woodson and Ford. The event’s RSVP confirmation prohibited photography, but props to Serious Eats for snapping a pic of Iuzzini and Arnold at the bar that amounts to the first clear interior shot of the space. Antique cash register? Check. Taxidermied wolf head? Check. Tin ceiling? Affirmative.

Dave Arnold and Johnny Iuzzini Create a Drinkable Swedish Chef [Serious Eats]