Ninja Gets Its Close-up; Sheepshead Bay Goes Gourmet


Historic Sheepshead Bay restaurant Lundy's will reopen as Cherry Hill, a massive gourmet market. [Gothamist]

Private food inspectors don't generally have time to do full inspections and are often paid by the company they're auditing, so their reports are often unreliable. [NYT]

Americans are pretty much the only people who care about the health benefits of wine. [Slate]

It might be a bear market, but McDonald's is feeling decidedly bullish about their new McCaf line of premium coffee beverages. [CNN Money]

Upper East Side barbecue spot Smokin' Q didn't close because of the economic crisis, but because of its cursed location. [City Room/NYT]

Last night's 30 Rock featured a dig at Ninja New York. [Eat Me Daily]