Unofficial Times Upgrade for Porter House New York


Frank Bruni uses a Diner’s Journal post to, essentially, upgrade Porter House from a Times one-star restaurant to a deuce: “The beef had the rich, buttery quality that one associates with top-flight beef. It was cooked a perfect medium-rare, as requested. It had a discernible char, but not a bullying, flavor-obliterating one. And in its slight tang, I could taste the aging process … When I did a full series of visits to Porter House shortly after its late-2006 opening and worked my way through all of its menu, there was a lot that didn’t impress me … But on this recent night, when my companions and I tried to isolate what we wanted most on the menu … my experience of the place was much more satisfying.”

The Occasional Shout-Out: Porter House New York [Diner’s Journal/NYT]