Scouting Report: Shake Shack at Citi Field

Photo: New York Mets

Citi Field hosted a baseball game between St. John’s and Georgetown yesterday, and Mets blogger Jason Fry of Faith and Fear in Flushing was there to test-drive the new stadium — and the new Shake Shack. “The lines at the Shack were better than for your average queue for a helping of Congealed Whatever at Shea (‘We don’t got no more Congealed Whatevah — NEXT!’), the prices were reasonable, and the quality of the Shackburger was indistinguishable from Madison Square Park,” Fry writes. “OK, the staff didn’t have any idea what to do with customers waiting for their orders, which needs to be fixed but falls under the heading of First Day Forgivable given everything else.” The big flaw: “The Danny Meyer area doesn’t have anywhere to stop and eat.”

First Look: Citi Field [Faith and Fear in Flushing]