Power Lunches Still Going Strong; 2009 Is the Year of the Bruni One-Star


Despite the tough economic times, the power-lunch scene is still strong at restaurants like The Four Seasons and Michael's. [Crain's]

With the exception of Daniel and the John Dory, all of Frank Bruni's reviews this year have been one-stars. [NY Journal]

San Franciscobased Top Chef cheftestant Jamie Lauren is considering opening a soup restaurant here in New York. [Andrew Zimmern via Eater]

An Atlanta woman found what has been identified as "a vertebra from a small mammal" inside an M [Fox News via Eater]

On last night's Tonight Show, Gordon Ramsay made crpes with Russell Brand and Jay Leno. [Eat Me Daily]

Fusion Wraps has closed and staffers at the Village Voice, whose offices are next door to the restaurant, are sad. [Fork in the Road/VV]

The East Village is temporarily down one falafel spot, as Tahini has been DOH'd. [Down by the Hipster]