Oatmeal Options: Free, Cheap, and Exotic

Photo: Courtesy of Jamba Juice

Are we entering the golden age of oatmeal? At Starbucks (where the Observer is now available) , you can now get the “Perfect Oatmeal” with a free tall latte for $3.95. Then: Jamba Juice’s Oatmeal for a Buck deal allows you to print out a coupon for $1 oatmeal through March. (Steel-cut! Made with organic oats! Topped with fruit and brown-sugar crumble!) And next Monday, Oprah’s former chef Art Smith will be handing out — you guessed it — free hot oatmeal and smoothies on Military Island in Times Square to promote a Quaker Oats campaign to feed hungry families. Also, don’t forget the $2.50 avena mentioned in a recent Times roundup of midtown breakfast options — the Cuban concoction is described as “oatmeal as a breakfast drink.”