Mr. Chow Tribeca Ready to Call a Spade a Spade

And Tuesday is Ladies' Night!
And Tuesday is Ladies’ Night! Photo: Ben Leventhal

This might be burying the lede — the real headline being “Mr. Chow Tribeca Still Open!” — but, at some point in the last six months, Mr. Chow Tribeca, the relative failure in Michael Chow’s otherwise successful haute-Asian empire, opened its bar to the public. While the restaurant insists its bar has always been open to the public, this was not the case eight months ago and certainly wasn’t the case when it opened (note, still, that the signage at the restaurant (above) and Chow’s official website don’t match). Does this really matter? No. But when the restaurant closes, we’ll want a proper chronology. So, if there’s a Greenwich Street banker in the crowd who can pinpoint the date the restaurant finally acknowledged that selling a few $18 cocktails to civilians couldn’t hurt the bottom line, please drop it in the comments.

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