Move Over, Mets: Yankee Stadium Gets Lobel’s Sandwiches and Johnny Rockets


When word got out that Citi Field would get its own Shake Shack, we predicted that Yankee Stadium would beef up its own food offerings. Sure enough, Diners Journal reports that when the stadium opens on April 3, there will be a mini Lobels with a cart, the Triple Play Grill, selling sandwiches of freshly sliced Lobel dry-aged prime rib ($15), as well as beef and chicken sliders. The outlet will also have a window where butchers can be seen cutting dry-aged strip loins for restaurants in the stadiums expensive sections. And though the box seats may have access to Lobels strip steaks, les miserables wont even need tickets to access a new Hard Rock Caf; there will be an entrance at street level.

But there's more: Other new concessions include: Boars Head Deli, Brother Jimmys BBQ, Johnny Rockets, Moes Southwest Grill, Asian Noodle Bowl, Latin Corner, with Cuban sandwiches, and a sushi station run by Soy Kitchen of the Bronx. (And all that is in addition to chains like Nathans Famous, Famiglia Pizza, and Carvel). Yankees deserve a big wave for getting into the food game but these offerings just dont stack up to Citi Field.

Sandwich Upgrade at Yankee Stadium [Diner's Journal/NYT]
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