Keith McNally’s and Ken Friedman’s New Ones Are Christened


Yes, weve pretty much shown you the full monty where Minetta Tavern is concerned (see our interior slideshow here), but heres a detail we have yet to see, and indeed it's currently visible (ever so enticingly) only through the plastic sheeting thats still up the windows have now been stenciled! Yay! And while were reveling in slow reveals, Ken Friedman and April Bloomfields restaurant in the ACE Hotel will open in June (the original plan was February) itll be called the Breslin (after its building) and will serve pan-European cuisine with an emphasis on meat dishes. (Indeed, Bloomfield had earlier promised rib roasts, racks of veal, lots of potted meat, and some terrines.)

March Newsletter [Flatiron BID via Eater]