It Was Only a Matter of Time: The Culinary-School Tell-all


Celebrity chefs have taken to scolding culinary-school students for thinking theyre going to snag a book deal right out of the gate, but maybe thats not an entirely unreasonable expectation! Next month, Atria will publish Under the Table: Saucy Tales From Culinary School. The author, Katherine Darling, is a French Culinary Institute alum who, it seems, didnt even become a chef after graduation her bio says she went on to work at Saveur! Nevertheless, the selling copy promises psychological warfare over steaming pots of bisque, celebrity-chef cameos, and realizations, too: The kitchen, they soon discover, is no place for soft-hearted romantics. Its a cutthroat world, and no one ever made a souffl without breaking a few eggs or cracking a few heads together. Whats next, Wine-and-Cheese Class Confidential?