Isn’t It Time for Some Not-Totally-Obvious ‘Best Dive’ Picks?


Jimmys Corner and OConnors are on Details latest list of best dive bars. Love em both, but will these roundups ever offer up surprises? Heres a suggestion for whatever mens magazine does the next one: The Capri Social Club (also called Irenes, after its doyenne) is a time warp thats hidden away on a residential block in Greenpoint (156 Calyer Street, near Lorimer). Step beyond the intimidating front doors and youll find a wooden phone booth just like at OConnors, a majestic back bar reminiscent of Cedar Taverns, $1.75 Coors Light ponies, a clientele thats seen a thing or two, a steady stream of Aerosmith on the jukebox, and (the best part) you can smoke, since the place is technically a members-only club. Oh, and theres also a figure of Spuds MacKenzie. Got any other favorite undersung dives? Share your rotgut reveries in the comments.