Chopping Block: When a Salmon Is Like a Social Disease

Photo: Courtesy of NBC

We’ll spare you a recap of the second episode of Chopping Block since you can watch the full episode online, but we’ll say this — we’re starting to love watching the out-of-towners squirm, first when designer Nicole Miller stormed into the kitchen and chastised chef Michael for attempting to sub Jeffrey “Original Gangsta” Steingarten’s halibut with Chilean sea bass (“I don’t want to serve anybody Chilean sea bass — like, ever”) and then when Steingarten raked them over the coals for serving a five-day-old salmon instead of the sea bass (“No one should want farmed salmon … it was the kind of surprise that you get when the doctor says you have herpes”). The best MPW quote came after someone said they wanted to “accentuate the food”: “I think you should hide the food as much as possible from what I saw last night.”

Chopping Block Episode 102: Week 2 [NBC]