Celebrity Chefs Continue to Dash Your Hopes of Instant Fame

Photo: Getty Images

Last week on Nightline, Johnny Iuzzini (before admitting “I sacrifice just about every relationship I’m in for my job”) delved a little bit into the celebrity-chef thing, reiterating what Anthony Bourdain, David Chang, and pretty much every other chef with a book deal have said: It doesn’t happen overnight. You’ll get to hear more of the same this Friday when the program talks to Wolfgang Puck about the cult of cooks. Also making appearances: Bobby Flay, Tom Colicchio, Lidia Bastianich, and Gordon Ramsay. We’re told that Puck says of the latter: “He closed his restaurant in Los Angeles. He closed his restaurant in Paris because at the end of the day you can do television — it might help your brand. It might help everything. But if you don’t serve great food and give great service, people are not going to give you their money anymore.”