Where to Celebrate Valentine’s Day (Not Valentine’s Week)


Dear Pure Food and Wine, we love you, but were not in love with your concept of Love Week (owner Sarma Melngailis tells us her vegan mainstay is offering a rose-strewn $79 five-course menu from February 11 through the 18). Valentines Day is something to be celebrated on one day and one day only, and only if youre forced to. (Same goes for you, Las Ramblas, with your weeklong chocolate and wine pairings.) While its true that Pure Food and Wine is booked on the big day, you neednt resort to celebrating on an alternate one (unless, of course, youre taking your mistress out). Our handy V-Day guide is here to tell you where you can find other great prix fixe and la carte experiences.

The Valentines Playbook