What to Eat at Butcher Bay


The owners of E.U. and Seymour Burton had planned to open Butcher Bay last Friday but it was closed last night. Nevertheless, we have your first glimpse at the menu. $10 oyster-and-bacon po'boy? Genius!

Selection of East Coast Oysters $12 half dozen, $24 dozen
Happahannock River Oysters from Maryland ask your server
Riverneck clams $1.50 each, $9 half dozen, $18 dozen

Green goddess salad $6
Oyster chowder $6
Shrimp hush puppies $5
Steamed mussels and grilled bread $6
Fried clam strips and remoulade $6
Maryland-style fried chicken with biscuits $15
Scallop pan roast $19
Pair of chili dogs and fries $12
Fish and chips $15
Fried oyster and bacon po boy $10
Steak and hash browns $18

Seafood specials
Whole main lobster, boiled MP
Chesapeake blue crabs, boiled MP
Market fish, grilled MP

French fries $4
Creamed spinach $5
Jalapeno cheese cornbread $5
Eggplant parmesan $8