Top Chef: Did the Villain Ever Stand a Chance?


You can tell Gail Simmons was really pulling for Carla. Last night she Tweeted, Carla Breaks My Heart, and in her blog she writes, We were rooting for dear Carla. On Hosea: It proved that he not only has the skills required to be Top Chef, but indeed has that rare and vital ability to read his customers and cook exactly what they want to eat; no ego, no excuses. Just good, honest food. Congratulations, Hosea! I cannot wait to show you off at the FOOD & WINE Classic in Aspen and beyond! Obviously, our commenters would beg to differ.

But notice the no ego part. And the whole bit about showing Hosea off. It kinda proves something weve been saying in Platt chats all along as good as he was, Bravo was not about to let a rogue like Stefan be the face of its franchise. Just watch the mans exit video, which starts off cordially enough, but then disintegrates into him discussing the difficulties of living with a wife (you think to yourself, what a bitch sometimes) and building his dream woman out of various female cheftestant body parts. Not the best spokesman and lets face it, given the massive amount of promotion former cheftestants are roped into, thats really all a Top Chef is. (Of course, Tom Colicchio tells Time that he doesnt vote based on character).