Stephanie Izard is on Twitter!

Top Chef Season 3 winner-slash-hometown gal Stephanie Izard has had local tongues a-wagging about her yet-to-open restaurant for a while now, but with an interview with Serious Eats, she takes The Drunken Goat to a national audience. Of course SE can’t help but ask if the namesake creature will be on the menu, and Izard gives a charmingly Izard-esque answer:

Well, some goat is like, “Hey, I am goat.” In the same way lamb can be lamby. But it shouldn’t be like that. Since it’s not as fatty as other animals, it can get dry, but I’ll probably do mine ragoût-style, maybe over a polenta cake. Depends on the time of year. I also want to play with house-cured meats and have as much charcuterie as possible.

In the interview, Izard also mentions that she’s now on Twitter, but doesn’t give her username. We are technological geniuses, and we have found her Twitter for you. Go forth and follow! And tell her MP Chicago sent you.

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Stephanie Izard is on Twitter!