Regarding the State of the Lao-Lo Empire


Midtown Lunch was a little skeptical that Rickshaw Dumpling Bar would leave the West Village for midtown (thats what Anita Lo told us her plan was, after the closing of Bar Q). But Los partner, Kenny Lao, has jumped into the comments to set the record straight (A high density of people that support our truck in midtown makes us really want to put in a brick and mortar store up there) and to defend what some midtowners believe are inflated dumpling prices: It really is whats inside that counts thus we use Bell and Evans chicken, locally grown Hudson Valley duck and organic edamame in our dumplings. Meanwhile, a restaurateur tells Eater that Los mainstay, Annisa, was recently shopped to him. Of course, Lo told us that its still thriving (and back in December, she seemed determined to add more trucks to her Rickshaw fleet) so well have to wait and see what becomes of it all.

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