No Surprise: Restaurant Group Opposes Health Department Grades


The Times has more on the citys plans to sic inspection grades on restaurant windows. Interesting stats: Of last years 52,657 inspections, 9,301 restaurants failed, 1,057 were shuttered, and operators paid a whopping $26.8 million in fines. (Wed like to know how many places from swank lounges like Socialista to cherished mom-and-pop operations like Bs luncheonette couldnt get back on their feet after they were forcibly closed.) Over in L.A., a similar program has reduced hospitalizations by 20 percent and has proven financially beneficial to grade-A restaurants, which are up from 40 percent to 83 percent over the past years but the New York Nightlife Association worries that itll be an invitation to bribery (40 inspectors were convicted in a 1988 bribery scandal) and that restaurateurs wont be able to quickly appeal a letter grade once it's posted. Plus, the letter grade only reflects conditions at a given point in time. Says Mayor Bloomberg: Come on. If you cant pass an inspection one time, you cant pass an inspection every time.

A Stir Over Plan to Grade New York Citys Restaurants [NYT]
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