McDonald’s Stops Clowning Around With Pepsi Products

Photo: Courtesy of Pepsi and Coca-Cola

On those rare road trips when we end up staggering into a McDonald’s, we want our Big Macs with Coke, okay? That’s how it’s been since 1955. So we’re glad to see that Mickey D’s has thought better of offering bottled Pepsi products like Mountain Dew (by the way, who the heck orders a bottle at fast-food joints? It’s almost as annoying as slice joints that don’t have soda fountains). If the Obama staff prefers Coke to Pepsi, so should everyone! One beverage change we wouldn’t mind seeing: Bring Cadbury Creme Egg McFlurries to the States!

McDonald’s Has Stopped Tests Of PepsiCo Bottled Soft Drinks [CNN]