Jimmy’s 43 Tries Bar Theater

Photo: Shanna Ravindra

Subterranean beer bar Jimmy’s 43 makes an intimate setting for dark thoughts, and an Off-Off-Broadway show staging there tonight through February 28 will take full advantage of the vibe. Nobody, written by Crystal Skillman with Jimmy’s restricted space in mind, revolves around six characters who try to “come to terms with their disjointed lives and their singular, unsettling dream,” reports Playbill. Spectators should be in higher spirits. The hot-plate-centric kitchen here still turns out gourmet bar bites despite wd~50 alum Phillip Kirschen-Clark leaving last summer, and you can order food and of 50 brands of brews to nosh during the $10 show. If dinner theater East Village style isn’t attractive enough, the fact that one of the players, Kathryn Kates, is credited as “the Babka Lady on Seinfeld” ups the intrigue. Performances start at 6 p.m.; the stage is dark on Sundays and Wednesdays.

Skillman’s Nobody, Site-Specific Restaurant Play, Begins in NYC Feb. 19 [Playbill]