Hugh’s Just That Into You

Hugh Amano’s got one hell of a knack for self-promotion. The former Uncommon Ground chef got all the blogs — us, The Reader, Chicagoist — talking about his blog, Food on the Dole, on the very same day.

Now he’s harnessed the formidable power of DailyCandy, shanghaiing the shrill daily email blast into serving as his own personal Craigslist: He’s offering to cook Valentine’s Day dinner (or, hey, whenever dinner) for you and your sweetie. Like any good one-night hire, he’ll do as much or as little as you want. Zing!

No seriously, we’d be totally up for this (as a giver or getter), especially if he’s as charmingly verbose and hilarious as he is on his blog.

Hugh’re The One [DailyCandy Chicago]
Food on the Dole [Official Site]

[Photo: Hugh didn’t make this cookie, but he probably could. monkeysimon/Flickr]


Hugh’s Just That Into You