How Fabio Rolls

Photo: Courtesy of Bravo

A tipster tells us that while his fellow cheftestants threw down at Beatrice, Fabio took the West Chelsea route: “I ran into Fabio last night at the Richie Rich after-party at Cain Luxe. He was all smiles — gleefully posing for photos and chatting up a bunch of girls at the party. He seemed really into a pretty blonde girl, but she skirted off somewhere [Note: Dude is married]. I’m guessing Fabio must have come from the viewing party at Craftsteak, but he wasn’t with any of the other contestants, and instead he arrived with a group of friends (obviously Italians).” Also in the house: Josie Smith-Malave from season two. Update: Eater has a report from the Halfsteak party.