‘Hottest Bachelors’ List Features Restaurant Types, Obviously

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A trio of industry players make the Posts "50 Hottest Bachelors" list: First theres Alain Allegretti: Linger for dessert and try to persuade him to give you a cooking lesson ewww. Then theres recently separated Luke Janklow, who owns Sweetiepie with his ex. And, of course, the inevitable Taavo Somer of Freemans, who seems to have been recycled from Gothams list of hot bachelors but really doesnt belong here at all. The Post acknowledges, Sure, he lives with longterm girlfriend Courtney McGuinness, a photo-shoot producer, but there's no (hand-carved mammoth-tusk) ring on her finger yet. Uh, actually, last time we checked, they were engaged! Also receiving honors is At Vermilion investor Salman Rushdie, who, per the Daily News, is currently seeing glamazon actress Pia Glenn. They dont call him Wild Salman for nothing.

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