Have Questions? Our Food Editors Are Here to Answer Them


Okay, so youve had your chance to Ask Platt, but Sir Platt isnt our only pen-and-knife-wielder even if hes our most rotund. The magazines food editors, Rob Patronite and Robin Raisfeld, toil each week to uncover the latest restaurant openings, recipes, and trends, and somehow still find time (and the gastrointestinal endurance) to introduce us to commendable sandwiches, affordable under-the-radar spots (who can forget them outing Joaquin Baca at Wilfie & Nell?), as well as delivering city-spanning, must-bookmark packages like Eat Cheap and the National Magazine Awardwinning and Beard-nominated Cartography. Nows your chance to ask them anything your heart and stomach desires! Just e-mail us your questions (or leave them in the comments), and their answers to the best ones will appear here soon.