Production Lounge Plays Race Card; Fast-food Pizza on the Decline


• Rising ingredient costs have led to a decline in the popularity of fast-food pizza. [WSJ]

• A mere six weeks after launching a new carton design, Tropicana is dropping it because of negative response from consumers. [WSJ]

• Two Queens ice-cream vendors have been hauled into federal court for driving fake Mr. Softee trucks. [NYP]

• Former Thor chef Kevin Pomplun is taking over for Daniel Perilla at 5 Ninth. [Feedbag]

• The owner of Greenpoint bar the Production Lounge, the site of a Valentine’s Day shooting, thinks the complaints locals have been making about the club are racially motivated. [Gothamist]

• Funnier than Mario Batali’s SoBe F-bomb: At a Sunday event at the festival, butter queen Paula Deen accidentally mooned the crowd. [Short Order/Miami New Times via Eater]

• On a recent night out at Vero, Parker Posey left the bartender a $50 tip on two $10 glasses of wine. [NYP]

• City Council members: They’re just like bloggers. Brooklyn’s Bill DeBlasio does much of his work from Park Slope’s Purity Diner. [Brooklyn Paper]