Confirmed: Waitress Tell-all Depicts Otto, Not Babbo. Plus, a Sneak Peek!


Weve gotten hold of an advance copy of Sara Barrons memoir, People Are Unappealing, and the chapter about her time serving spoiled celebs at Hell is just as juicy as the "Page Six" item implied. But the Post was wrong to identify Hell as Babbo. The celebrity chef Barron worked for, Luigi, does indeed seem to be Mario Batali (nice Super Mario Brothers reference). However, when we called Babbo, the longtime matre d told us Barron worked there for only two days, as a hostess and not a server, in July of 1998. So we called Otto (the book describes a long hallway leading into a big dining room) and a reservationist informed us that Barron worked there for a period of years. With that cleared up, lets get to the book, shall we?

First, Twat Waffle (whom the Post identified as Michael Stipe indeed, Barron says he appeared on Iconoclasts with chef Luigi) isnt the only obnoxious musician Barron says she served. Theres also the son of a very famous musician, whom she calls Stella McCartney (perhaps its a Lennon/McCartney reference and shes talking about Sean Lennon? Who knows). McCartney tells her the music youre playing sucks, and when she doesnt change it (because Luigi forbids it) he leaves an 8 percent tip with the note terrible service. He returns four days later and insists she plug in his own iPod: The musicll be better that way, thanks.

Barron cant do it, of course, because Luigi forbids employees from changing the music, just like he forbids them from modifying the menu. This last point proved especially difficult for a slew of famous actresses, one of whom appeared one night in an expensive camisole and oversized boho sweater on a quest for steamed halibut. Needless to say, the thorny thespian doesnt take it well when shes turned down The cami-sporters cheeks got flushed. WELL THATS RETARDED! She demands to speak to Luigi, but he is, of course, in Aspen. So she calls him on his cell. Barron wisely gives a fake name.

Then, of course, theres the customer whos the worst of the worst, Twat Waffle (apparently Michael Stipe), who got his name when he sent the chefs into a tizzy by ordering blueberry waffles at 3 a.m. (Twat Waffles meals are comped and Luigi allows him to smoke in the restaurant). Though Twat Waffle is Barrons idol and shes happy to serve him when all the other servers shirk, she ends up despising him when he rolls into the restaurant with an entourage of gaunt homosexuals all in matching fedoras and Ray-Bans (Twat Waffle himself is wearing affected, Bono-y sunglasses), talks to her only through a member of his entourage when hes asked what kind of water he prefers, and then, after keeping the staff up till 5 a.m., leaves without tipping on a compensated meal worth $2,000 (par for the course, a fellow staffer informs her).

Barron concludes her story by saying she still works at Hell, but that seems to be out of date. The reservationist at Otto says shes no longer at the restaurant.