Cheftestants Now Free to Make Out All Over the Place


Top Chef cast members have been so busy with the bar room PDA that you’d think it was the Real World they were on. “Page Six” hears from a bartender at Madame X that Leah and Hosea (who, we’ll remind you, was dumped by his girlfriend after the show) were “really going at it” at the bar last week. Snogging at a brothel-themed bar is pretty much a forgone conclusion (in fact, it’s so NYU-freshman that we find it hard to believe the item), but check out the live chat with Toby Young where he says he personally witnessed Stefan “sucking face with this cute lesbian” working at Jamie’s girlfriend’s bar. Said Stefan: “There you go. She’s back on our team now.”

Update: In a conference call, Hosea confirms that he and Leah have been k-i-s-s-i-n-g.

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