Chef Terrance Brennan Skips Chicago, Brings Artisanal To Seattle

When we wrote about Terrance Brennan and his team pulling out of their plans to open an outpost of their New York cheese mecca, Artisanal, in the 900 North Michigan shops, we almost immediately got a note from Brennan’s PR folks letting us know that actually it was the developers’ decision to halt the project. That’s code for: The suits at 900 North didn’t want to pump money into bringing Chicago a heart-stoppingly delicious cheese cave and the best fondue this side of Switzerland.

Well, poop. Guess the Brennan team found a mall that was more willing to support them, since they’re opening two more Artisanals in a high-end mall located in a suburb of Seattle. Seattle! Those lucky suckers will be getting The Artisanal Table, “an upscale pizzeria, with a tapas and wine bar,” and Artisanal Brasserie & Wine Bar , which “will likely be a replica of the bistro-style Artisanal restaurant in New York. The latter will feature what Brennan is calling the ‘Bar du Fromage,’ a wine and cheese bar run by a professional fromager, the cheese world’s equivalent of the sommelier.”

Sigh. It could have been us, folks. It could have been us.

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[Photo: Artisanal]


Chef Terrance Brennan Skips Chicago, Brings Artisanal To Seattle