Cedar Tavern Owner: The Bar Went Down to Texas


Longtime owner Mike Diliberto now confirms with us that he wont be reopening the Cedar. As much as I know its going to be missed, he says, I think putting a bar beneath a condominium doesnt do much for the value. Diliberto, whose father, Sam, bought the Cedar in 1955 when it was at 24 University (it first opened on Cedar Street in 1866 and moved three times), says hell miss being a tavernkeeper: It was the old Village. It was a lot of work, but a lot of fun. You see the inside of a lot of people when you operate a tavern (some of his better-known regulars: Chris Noth, F. Murray Abraham, and Jason Patrick). Still, he has no plans to get back in the game, if only by licensing the taverns name.

Theres nothing serious happening just yet, he tells us. Thereve been no serious offers. Even if he were to reopen the place, itd have to be without its beautiful turn-of-the-century bar. Diliberto held on to some artwork, but sold the bar for an amount he wont divulge, to an Austin, Texas, team that plans to install it in a new venue. So were the condos worth it? Its been a lot of work, he tells us, but the condominiums are really beautiful. Id like to live there!