Bocuse d’Or Gets Colbert Shout-out


The Bocuse d’Or has reached the American mainstream, but not in the dignified way mentoring chefs like Thomas Keller might have imagined. On his show last night, Stephen Colbert called out America’s performance. “This year’s American entrant only came in sixth. This is an outrage, particularly since I sent him my never-fail recipe for my eight-meat chili,” Colbert said. Keller protégé and competitor Hollingsworth escaped mention, but an easy Euro joke did not. “And look who won? Geir Skeie from Norway. What do Norwegians know about cooking? All their recipes start the same: Step 1: Kill Reindeer. Step 2. Add snow.” Eat Me Daily has the video.

Stephen Colbert on the Bocuse D’Or [Eat Me Daily]
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