Blogston Proper: Head To Tail

Blogston Proper is your roundup of Hub-related food writing from all over the Internet. We read the blogs so you don’t have to. But you should anyway, just to be nice. Think we should be reading your blog? Let us know.

• The pig’s head at Estragon is “fabulous” - even the eyeballs. [LimeyG Bends Yer Lughole]

Taranta Cucina Meridonale’s lamb gnocchi is made with Peruvian cassava root! [Forays of a Finance Foodie]

Rami’s: pricey but delightful. [Les Gourmands du South End]

• Small plates and wine at Teatro are a good way to wind down at the end of a January work week. [Dish This!]

[Photo: The remains of the aforementioned pig’s head, LimeyG Bends Yer Lughole]

Blogston Proper: Head To Tail