Black Panthers Protest ‘Drunken Negro Face’ Bakery

Photo: Villager

Ever wonder what became of Ted Kefalinos, the “Drunken Negro Face” baker? He’s still in business, though Black Panthers have been picketing his store, and the Secret Service has paid him a visit, thanks to his alleged statement that Obama will “get what he deserves.” State Senator Thomas Duane is pressuring him to take a racial sensitivity course (presumably he’ll be classmates with the folks over at the Post), and Kefalinos has agreed, saying “maybe they’re right, I do need a little bit of sensitivity.” Best part of the Villager piece might be the customer who’s torn between going to Kefalinos’s shop and nearby Patisserie Claude, with its notoriously cranky former owner.

[Villager Panthers vow to shut down ‘Negro Head’ cookie baker [Villager]