Automatic Gratuity on the Rise; Peanut Butter Sales Plummet


Some New York restaurants are getting into the automatic-gratuity game, including Bombay Masala, Cha Chas In Bocca al Lupo, and Le Caire. [NYP]
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Starbucks baristas are now supposed to inform customers of how cheap their drinks are in an effort to make the chain seem inexpensive. [WSJ]

Peanut-butter sales are down 25 percent because of the salmonella outbreak. [NYT]

The Moondance Diner has reopened, but you have to go to Wyoming to eat the walnut-butter pancakes. [NYDN]

McDonald's is loving the recession and its accompanying sales spike. [WSJ]

Caracas owner Maribel Araujo beat Bobby Flay in an arepa throwdown and hasn't stopped talking smack: He did a lot of research, I give him credit ... But the arepa itself wasn't good ... The filling was fine, but the filling can be anything. [Metromix]