Asian Sandwich Check-in: An Choi and Num Pang

Photo: Courtesy of An Choi

The Vietnamese joint we brought news of a couple of months ago, An Choi, is preparing to open at 85 Orchard, and here’s a look at the renderings. Owner Tuan Bui tells us, “The décor is inspired by Vietnamese street-food culture, where restaurateurs and food vendors alike use the street-food carts in storefronts and alleys to create an ad hoc café.” Looks awesome.


Meanwhile, significantly less progress has been made on Num Pang, the sandwich shop Kampuchea had hoped to open in October on 12th Street near University. We passed by the other day, hungry for house-cured bacon, and found it under a construction shed. The latest construction permit was issued in mid-January. Patience, people.