After 30 Years, Chanterelle Ends Tasting-Menu Tyranny


We recently wondered how much longer Sorellas prix fixe tyranny would last, but we didnt see this one coming after nearly 30 years of offering only prix fixe menus (the first one, in 1979, changed weekly and cost only $35; the current tasting menu costs $95 without wine pairings and changes roughly every four weeks), Chanterelle tells us that starting tomorrow, it will offer la carte options during dinner. Clearly this is a sign of the times co-owner Karen Waltuck recently told the Times, Were all looking around and saying: What is going on here? What can we do to make it better for ourselves and for our clients?

Till now, Chanterelles official line has been that it doesnt turn much of a profit and that its tasting menu is a relative bargain. But of course, plunking down $95 for a tasting menu is a pretty big commitment. The new menu, with appetizers priced $15 and up and entres priced at $28 and up, isnt exactly dirt cheap, but may well draw newcomers if only folks who come in to see what the big deal about the signature seafood sausage is all about. So whats the next step will the Waltucks start blasting Stones in the dining room la Harrison? Can we expect a Chanterelle burger? Doubtful. Then again, Chef Waltuck likes a good hamburger whos to say he wont revive the teriyaki salmon one he served at Le Zinc, or the ones he serves at Chanterelles staff meals? These days, anythings possible.

Chanterelle la Cart Menu [Official site]