Actors’ Union Buys Piven’s Mercury Story

Photo: Photo: Photo-illustration: Everett Bogue; Photos: Getty Images

Jeremy Piven has convinced an actors’ union, in a 5-5 split decision, that he didn’t violate his contract when he left Speed the Plow for what he said was mercury poisoning. The Post reports that he broke down in tears during the hearing and the Times describes him doing the same during an interview afterward. Piven is now saying that the high levels of mercury which caused him to become disoriented and exhausted during performances was not necessarily due to a sushi fetish (he’s having mercury fillings removed from his teeth, for one): “The biggest misconception was that this all came out of the blue in December and that I came down with this ‘sushi-gate’ stuff,” Piven tells the Times. So, it’s safe to eat sushi again?

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