Tom Colicchio Will Save Your Life

Chef Tom Colicchio, listening for <br>sounds of a blocked windpipe.
Chef Tom Colicchio, listening for sounds of a blocked windpipe. Photo: Getty Images

In a room full of chefs in D.C., Tom Colicchio saved a foodie’s life Sunday night. Cookbook author Joan Nathan choked on a piece of chicken at a charity event and Colicchio was apparently the only chef there who knew how to do the Heimlich. The unhelpful roster included Alice Waters, Dan Barber, Daniel Boulud, and Lydia Bastianich, among others. We applaud Colicchio for acting fast and saving a life, but we’re a little disturbed that so few chefs know the Heimlich maneuver. (Not that we know it, either, but we’re aces with paper cuts.) Restaurant workers, fess up: Does anyone on your staff know the Heimlich? Have you ever had to perform it? Share your terrifying stories below. In the future, let’s all be like Tom.

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