Top Chef Judge Toby Young Travels Back in Restaurant Time


Top Chef starts up again this week with a new mean face at the judge's table: Toby Young. The British author (How to Lose Friends and Alienate People) has also been a judge on Hell's Kitchen. In an interview with Metromix today, Young makes the obligatory awestruck comment about Padma's beauty "It's as though she's accompanied by her own lighting system" and lists his favorite New York restaurants. His picks are a little odd, but we'll give him a pass since he doesn't live here anymore. Of the aging Raoul's, Young says it has "the louche, slightly decadent atmosphere thats guaranteed to get a girl in the mood." Finally, he calls Indochine the most overrated restaurant in the city. Indochine still rates?

Meet Toby Young [Metromix]