The Prettiest Best-Of List Yet

End-of-year lists are fun to read, but they have the potential to get boring. Not only do many of the same restaurants and categories pop up from list to list, but they’re often the same places that have been garnering acclaim all year round! In light of this, we were tempted to dismiss this morning’s email announcing Drawing for Food’s “Best of Philly 2008” (especially since it’s belated) but were irrevocably won over when we clicked through.

For example, Pub & Kitchen won the category of “best bar snacks,” for their duck liver toasts, and this is the accompanying graphic:

For one, we couldn’t agree more about the deliciousness of the bar snacks at Pub & Kitchen (and we are especially susceptible to anything involving liver). Moreover, we appreciate that the categories are either slightly idiosyncratic (see: “Best quaint atmosphere that isn’t annoying,” which went to Cafe Con Chocolate) or that they are squarely populist (see: donuts; hot dogs; hoagies). And finally, the sketches are, in a word, a delight!

Pub & Kitchen [MenuPages]
Pub & Kitchen [Official Site]

[Drawing of Pub & Kitchen’s bar snacks via Drawing for Food]


The Prettiest Best-Of List Yet