The Inaugural Luncheon

It’s been difficult to focus on anything other than Inauguration Day events, but luckily for us, there has been no shortage of food-related news. For one, there is a plethora of Obama-themed foods (hence this afternoon’s “Edible Obama” post), but it also happens that the Inauguration Luncheon was a sumptuous feast, with a generous dash of historical context.

The three-course menu was as follows:

First Course
Seafood Stew
Duckhorn Vineyards, 2007 Sauvignon Blanc, Napa Valley

Second Course
A Brace of American Birds (pheasant and duck), served with Sour Cherry Chutney and Molasses Sweet Potatoes
Goldeneye, 2005 Pinot Noir, Anderson Valley

Third Course
Apple Cinnamon Sponge Cake and Sweet Cream Glacé
Korbel Natural “Special Inaugural Cuvée,” California Champagne

More than simply a fancy meal, the menu was also a nod to Abraham Lincoln, as well as to both the luncheon menu served for his inauguration and the foods he favored. Top of the Ticket had a post last week with a picture of Lincoln’s menu, and although there are common threads, like the fact that they both served wild game and poultry, Lincoln’s luncheon completely dwarfs the one served today.

The menu from today’s Inaugural Luncheon is up online, which is supremely cool. Not only can you read about the tradition, the site also has the recipes from today’s meal, so you can make it at home if you so desire.

Inaugural Luncheon [Inauguration of the President]

[Photo: Abraham Lincoln’s Inauguration Luncheon menu via LA Times/Smithsonian Institute]


The Inaugural Luncheon