The Emerald Inn Gets a Stay of Execution; Market Diner Is Modernized


• In a small ray of good news for the city’s dive bars, UWS watering hole the Emerald Inn, originally slated to close at the end of April, will stay open for at least two more years, as the landlord couldn’t find anyone to pay the rent they wanted for the space. [NYT]

• Good news for English-speaking devotees of Chinatown’s Lam Zhou! The restaurant now has a full bilingual menu. [Feedbag]

• The mysterious maple-syrup scent, last smelled in Manhattan in 2005, returned to the city last night. Its source remains unknown. [NYT]

• The recently reopened Market Diner is modernized but beautifully preserved. [Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York]

• A Kansas City waiter’s bad day was turned around when he was left a $1,100 tip on an $80 check. [MyFox Kansas City]

• As the publishing industry struggles to adapt to the recession, the day of the long lunch may be over. Or at least “editors and literary agents, who have often been among the best diners in the city, are now reconsidering their favorite restaurants.” [NYT]