Ted Allen on Top Chef: Brainwashing, Catfights, and Product Placement


Tony Bourdain managed to once again knock the Food Network and his former show, A Chefs Tour, during Mondays premiere of No Reservations. And now, in explaining why America needs another cook-off show (namely his new one, Chopped), Ted Allen manages a jab at his former vehicle, Top Chef. Allen writes:

There also is a culinary straightforwardness about [Chopped] that I find really satisfying, and particularly appropriate for a company called Food Network. There is no sleep deprivation, no Big Brother house full of bunk beds and cameras, no booze-fueled personal drama (as much as we all love the brainwashing and catfights on that certain show I used to judge). There are no team or catering challenges. Best of all, there is no product placement, so you never see passionate lovers of good food being forced to use packaged convenience junk thanks to Kraft/Altria/Exxons sponsorship.

Okay, so the show isnt a cookie-cutter ripoff of Top Chef. Though the way Allen describes it, it sure sounds a lot like Iron Chef

Why America Needs Another Cook-off Show [Ted Allen via Eat Me Daily]