Should You Propose (Marriage or Divorce) at a Restaurant?


Weve heard similar stories in our Ask a Waiter column, but this Gourmet piece about Valentines dining-room drama is still pretty juicy.

A surprising number of proposals are, in fact, turned down. At Gramercy Tavern, a woman once asked a man to marry her. When he didnt accept the offer, the woman stood up, started cursing, and began throwing plates onto the floor. Clearly, he made the right choice, says the captain on duty at the time.

Nevertheless, if youre determined to go through with this, Babbo will give you a suitably public table, and Union Square Caf will give you a special menu that includes personalized Will You Marry Me? message. Aww. Meanwhile, we learn from Julian Niccolini of The Four Seasons that February 13 is a busy day (its when men dine with their mistresses). On the next day (Valentines), the dining room loses its buzz. Because its full of couples who have nothing left to say to each other? Because it isnt as full of singles attempting to impress each other with banter? Anyway, interesting. Share your own Valentines stories/overheards in the comments.

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