Rich People Still Finding Funds to Eat at Fancy Restaurants


You might be curbing your spending practices, but that doesnt mean that rich people still cant spend a lot of money on dinner whenever they want. Business was up in 2008 at Masa, where some big spenders eat twice a week. Per Se is still full every night, though not with larger parties or corporate events. (The restaurant is also planning a shorter menu at lunch, reports Ryan Sutton.) Alinea in Chicago is filling seats, though: A non-U.S. automaker has booked the entire restaurant for a private event this year, which costs between $25,000 and $50,000. But good news for those of us from more modest circumstances: Its at least easier to get a table nearly everywhere in town.

Private $25,000 Parties; $1,500 Meals: U.S.s Priciest Eateries [Bloomberg]