Out With the Old, In With the New

Photo: NYT

In a portrait of gentrification, the Times compares the scenes at Michael Dorf’s City Winery and his old venue, the Knitting Factory, on the night that one opened and the other closed: “At the Knitting Factory, where the dominant color was, as it has always been, black, a bohemian young audience sweated out the night in sardine closeness, with about a dozen acts performing on three floors. A note slapped above the second-floor bar read simply ‘PBR can $3.’ At the spacious, golden-hued City Winery, [Joan] Osborne sang bluesy soft rock in a crimson gown, and the sold-out crowd — many of whom looked as though they could well have been the parents of the Knitting Factory clientele — sat comfortably at tables and ordered from a list of 500 wines.” [NYT]